Tuesday, December 10, 2013

'15 Katie Burke ready for Sandra Meadows action

 I've learned a lot of things however #AutoAwesome doesn't lie so when you observe The Woodlands junior Katie Burke taking it to hole, rim or rack, peep this, "you know that Burke is ready to work."
The 2015 Under The Radar guard has also battled through injuries over the past season however she did make a dramatic comeback last season and would up being Defensive Player Of The Year on her squad

Over  the summer, she learned how to play multiple positions and to say she day more than adequate at making the adjustment would simply be an understatement, Me saying that she can play at the next level is also an understatement and she'll be showcasing what I'm telling you she can do at the end of the month during the Sandra Meadows Classic. I'll be there, please listen, all day Thursday and all day Saturday, I think