Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Countdown to #IronSharpensIron Showcase April 1st

I want to say this and please take in what I'm telling you because one thing I don't do is fabricate anything about events I cover and whatever you see my name attached to, believe me it's going to be legit. April 1st, if you are a PLAYER you need to be here because it will be very competitive and intense, sort of like the play is at "the next level" so this is sort of a preview on what you can expect if you happen to make it

Several scouting services will be on hand and this is also Final 4 weekend so it's a "no brainer" so you can click on the link to sign up, wait a minute, okay both HS sessions are SOLD OUT, so all that's left are some middle school spots so let me take it a step further. If you know anything about the recruiting process, you know the importance of getting on the map early so this is your PERFECT opportunity to do just that, don't listen to nonsense about "they'll find you if you can play" because it's just that, nonsense. You want to have options and believe me if you can go, they, college coaches, will know