Thursday, March 9, 2017

'18 Patin shows game starts at the one #GPRUnderThrRadar

Even before I caught Rayven Patin at Cabrini HS,  I knew this young lady had "star" written all over her. She was only a 7th grader and my seeing her happened almost by luck but when you see point guards [playing against older competitive girls and not get flustered, well you're on to something and when this player is running the most important position on the court, PG, and setting her teammates up for easy baskets, well you keep your eye on that "something" but when the line and she starts to simply take over, then you know you're looking at "something special" Check out the video below, she'll be at Deep South April 20-23 and Heart of Texas April 28-30, so will I and when you see the New Orleans Lady Trojans PG in action, I'm sure you'll say "he told me so" cause Iwon't let you forget