Friday, March 10, 2017

2017 Southland Conference quarterfinals set

So much emphasis is placed on points, yeah I get it, always have, but watching players set the tone and control a game from a defensive standpoint will always be fun to watch and McNeese State's Frederica Haywood simply did that as the former Mississippian who led her team to the state title and was also named MVP simply was amazing with a 14/19 performance and had she not gotten into foul trouble, she would've probably had a 20/20, something I said she would get when I tweeted it out in the first quarter but close definitely counts in this situation


It was definitely a joyous occasion seeing freshmen Dae Dae Evans and Tiarra Matthews on the floor for A&M Corpus Christi, I just knew what they brought to the table in the 8th grade in fact, like always, check out what I said about them both as freshmen in high school read more
When you factor in the fact that I said both were D1 players in the 8th grade, well that's 5 years ago but then I really think about it and a couple of amazing seniors, Kassie Jones read more and Brittany Mbamalu who left me with so many memories in HS as being a couple of the top guards in Texas 2013 class but then I realized I've actually been watching them almost a decade and both played a huge part in helping the Islanders advance


Okay, doubleheader tips off at 11am and I tweeted something out that I normally tweet out multiple times but either you get it or you don't and based on how the early signees continue to drop annually, well what do I know, but it's really important for the younger players to see players at the various "next levels" play so you'll know "what it takes" and just because you're going off against players in your league or district, remember my favorite quote "It's not what you do, it's who you do it against" and like Kroger's does, that's a Friday Freebie that you don't even have to download