Tuesday, March 21, 2017

OK Lady Fire 2022 get it done #BattleAtTheHive

Darianna Buggs

Okay I had to throw this out there since on opening night, Modesti McConnell went completely off and I tweeted she a #TipSheetLock, catch her on girlzprepreport.com tomorrow sometime but in all actuality, this is a very talented squad with some players that will be playing in college at some level as they captured the 2022 Gold Division Championship at the Battle at the Hive.

Modesti McConnell (#1) and Olivia Johnson

Loved watching Olivia Johnson thread the needle with crisp passes on the money, that's huge in HS let alone the 7th grade but her ball handling, under pressure, definitely caught my eye. Azjah Reeves simply gets to the rim whenever and however she wants and also showed the ability to hang in the air for countless baskets as well as shoot the midrange well. The same could be said for Summer Pogue who is able to create under pressure and score multiple ways

Aniya Brown

Aniya Brown created problems in the paint, on both ends at that and when you're this young and not afraid of physicality, well you're definitely in the mix and that desire and relentlessness she shows just can't be taught. Being ULTRA-athletic can't be taught either and Darriana Buggs looked like a D1 player in the making on Friday night however after watching her put on a show Sunday morning, the question is how high she can go as she simply showed signs of being able to dominate