Thursday, March 2, 2017

Collins and Collier help lead teams to state #2012FLASHBACK

Okay we've established the fact that I'm an expert on talent regarding girl's basketball so let me toot my horn on this Hybrid squad from 2012. D'Asia Collins (Cy Ranch) and Charli Collier (Barbers Hill) are in San Antonio in the state semifinals, Collier's squad plays tonight at 7pm against Canyon, Collins' squad tomorrow night at 7pm against Pflugerville and the winners will play Saturday for the championship

This 2012 Hybrid photo reads like a Who's Who of I told you so players, I mean Collier was going to make a run for the #1 player in her class because of her size and dominance at an early age, she was a "no brainer" while Collins just wouldn't back down against bigger and stronger players plus her ability to run a team and desire to win simply told me she had D1 written all over her

Cate Reece also showed signs of being a star, those signs were blinking over the next two seasons and after HS all bets were off as she helped lead Cy Woods to a state title as a freshman. How about the Truong twins, Kayleigh and Kaylynne, who have a legitimate shot at leading Jersey Village out of here, they were playing up on that Hybrid squad and have 2 more years to get it done, IQ and ability 2nd to none. What about Cassidy Howard, she helped get Katy within striking distance of the regional semis, she still has a couple of more seasons to go as well

Look, these kids were good and had something that caught my eye way back then, it doesn't take me long to spot this simply because like I always say, I know where the bar was set many years ago and some of this stuff I hear read looks like something someone put out after leaving a bar but anyway good luck to Charli and D'Asia and thank you for, one more time, proving me right