Thursday, March 16, 2017

2017 Battle At The Hive preview

Talent is and always will be EVERYWHERE and after catching the 2020 Oklahoma Swarm group at Prime Time Nationals, I was simply amazed with a number of their players including Katelyn Levings


Levings was so impressive  that I just knew she was going to be a "big time" player and  I labeled her BCS after that initial sighting however after becoming a GPR Under The Radar player, this video sort of sealed the deal


She's definitely not "Under The Radar" anymore as several Top 25 schools already have extended offers to the young lady and she's ranked in the Top 10 on every major national scouting service that I know of but it all falls back to that talent is everywhere, so attending this seasons Battle At The Hive is definitely a "no brainer" because I'm expanding my GPR Scouting Service to cover not only Texas, but Louisiana, Arkansas and of course Oklahoma and based on the 100 plus teams I'll get a chance to check out, I should have a solid database moving forward.


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