Saturday, March 4, 2017

'21 Peyton Andrews 5'10 PG #GPRUnderTheRadar

Okay I don't have to type the stats in since they're in the picture however let me say this, "the stats don't tell it all" and guess what, I DO. What I liked off the top about Peyton when I caught her year before last was her ability to shoot the long ball, she was in the 6th grade and what do I always say, well lots of thinbgs but college coaches LOVE big guards that can shoot. Well Peyton didn't just want to be a big guard that could shoot so she kept working and working and working and has developed into a legitimate PG prospect for the next level and her BB-IQ is definitely high as her straight A average

Here's the deal, D1 colleges are all over this kid, Big 12 and SEC to name a few conferences but her youth and desire will definitely be strong points as you can see for yourself when the Arkansas Banshees are playing this club season so check out both videos, more to come