Thursday, March 2, 2017

'21 Jada Malone helps highlight #IronShapensIron Showcase

I try and simplify things when I'm writing and talking to just give you a clear picture and even though no film is needed, you can still get exposure when you have the QUEEN of mixed tapes, Marissa Holbert (Passthaball), one of the nations top trainers, Earl Rooks (Full Throttle) and of course yours truly who loves to tell em "I TOLD YOU SO" my daughters ESPN WNBA highlight video to the right had almost a million hits on day one on so when I tell you something, it SHOULD be safe to assume I know what I'm talking about

April 1st, the Iron Sharpens Iron Showcase will be a blast, please expect to be bombarded with footage and literature from it and keep in mind you'll get a jump on some of the most talented players in Texas as well as other states and remember, when I say something, it usually turns out the way I told you, especially with the young talent as my daughter helped lead Texas A&M to a National Championship in 2011, I knew she was legit as 6 years old, and more recently Brooke McCarty winning Big 12 Player of the Year as a junior, I called her  "The Chosen One" the first time I saw her at 7 or 8 so trust me on what I tell you

Jada Malone will be on hand for the Showcase, her  upside, well she's 6'2 now, she's a 2021 and she's been playing against varsity competition the past 2 seasons and to say she's done more than "hold her own" would be an understatement so if you are a PLAYER and you want to COMPETE against some of the top talent in the country, please register and remember, "It's not what you do, it's who you do it against"