Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Today is Sweet 16 day plus some

It's cold and wet today which is perfect for me to just let it flow as I break down the R-3 Sweet 16 before I head to New Orleans on Friday for the John Lucas All Star Weekend.  Duncanville's 100th consecutive win was something I thought I'd have for you on however weather cancelled last night's game as well as others across the state. No central place to find that info so I'll just move right along, you know, flow.

District 13 wrapped it's sweep up, I'll break down their match ups in round two and it's going to be hard as they play some heavy hitters. I'll also throw the R3 Sweet 16 at you since I've seen them all play at least a couple of times. Big boost for Cy Ranch as 2016 Under The Radar star Rachel Tapps is back, but more on that later

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