Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stop the presses "The Incredible Mulk" released

6'8 super soph Nancy Mulkey has been released to play at Cy Woods. I don't know the complete timetable on when  she will actually hit the floor however a healthy Cy Woods could get of here and possibly win the whole thing. I tagged the young lady "The Incredible Mulk" simply because she will do incredible things on the floor, she is a triple double waiting to happen, maybe, what's  four, quadruple.

This makes things even more interesting as the suspense and intrigue build.. Remember Cy Woods was my preseason pick to represent Houston in Austin however Manvel has dominated just about every team they've played, plus they just got a huge lift, shhhhhh

Stay tuned to GPR central for live updates as they happen or when I remember to type them, Now back your program