Monday, December 16, 2013

Hoop A Holics Camp hot from the start

2018 Texas commit Charli Collier was one of the highlights at the Hoop A Holics Camp held at Bob Knight Fieldhouse

With the numerous walk ins for session one, I had to retake counts numerous times because initially I was saying around 110 players would be in attendance, well I was wrong

By the time the dust settled, both session combined had over 130 players, some even stayed from the initial session to put in extra work and after watching the young ladies go through the drills and games, I was exhausted so I can only imagine how they felt.

Thanks for the tweets along with the kind words floating around on social media, but more importantly than anything else, thanks to all for their support.

PassThaBall brought the idea to me and she was correct, this was huge and the feedback tells me her Hoop A Holics Camps will grow and spread. I know, I know "where are the write-ups", well they are coming as I'm trying to catch my breath and I'll start off with a few mini stories today about whatever pops in my head because I want my energy level to be as high as the talent I saw, but trust me, I'm hitting it hard and will be HoopAHolican until Christmas