Monday, December 9, 2013

2021 will be loads of fun as "Big Baby" confirmed for Hoop A Holics Camp Sunday In Duncanville

Stop the presses. Okay I haven't seen Lexy Valdez but she's 5'11, she's in the 5th grade, she wears a size 11 shoe (men's) and her dad is 6'10. That right there, plus this action shot tells me everything to need to know because she's young, she's tall, she's mobile and agile and I know she has upside, simply because she has time and boy I wish I had one of those time machines, well also a cloning machine but I don 't so I'll just have wait until Sunday, December 115th when I head over to the Duncanville Fieldhouse, aka Bobby Knight, to see young Lexy and the over 70 other youngstas do their thing

There is a morning and afternoon session, I'll be there for both, sign up now