Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Do you know what the MOST important thing is ?

When I was rolling around the country with my daughter, I already knew at a very early age she could play somewhere at the next level, her progression would determine how high. By the time it was over, numerous offers were on the table, over 100, including just about every BCS college in the country. Some players are just that good, down here from the 2014 class Brooke McCarty and Brianna Turner are among those players that could have gone just about anywhere

That does happen for everyone, sometimes you can do all the right things and for whatever reason it doesn't work out. I point out over and over that several recruiting services send out mass mailing or emails saying how they can help your daughter be recruited or get a scholarship however a light-bulb should go off telling you that if they haven't even see n her play, how in the world can they do it

NCAA  statistics show that less than 5% of high school girl basketball players receive scholarships, it's documented and the bottom line is that the vast majority of players need extra help. Girlz Prep Report evaluates and determines if and where your daughter can play at the next  level and I've been rather successful at doing this. Always remember, you've paid to play, paid to travel and paid to train and if all that fails

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