Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2015 Torrie Thompson lighting it up

Clear Lake's  Torrie Thompson is a sleeper and the shy young player I have on my  Under The Radar wasn't so shy last week when she told me," you tweeted Torrie Tucker" and cracked up. I told her "well that's a  correctable error" but she told me it was cool as  she continued to laugh.

Another correctable error is this young lady having her name out there. I first saw her at the Lady Gander Tournament a few weeks ago and I was sitting with some college coaches who were as equally impressed as I was. When they asked me what I knew about her,  I explained that the talent is so deep across the state that even I have to play catch-up sometimes but I always manage to find hidden gems

Tucker has a stroke and she was deadly throughout the Peggy Whitley Classic but even more impressive than her being able to nail the jumper for mid to very long range is her court vision and the ability to make passes through traffic with either hand. She's stronger than she appears and she's a battler that can man up and that old saying about "third time being a charm" the second look has just sealed me, she's even more legit than I thought