Monday, April 8, 2013

Livingston Ladies worth the wait

I hear things about teams and players all of the time however logistics and time constraints sometimes fall into place so when I heard that the Livingston Ladies from Baton Rouge, LA was playing in the Insiders Hoopfest, I knew I had to get an early look and a feel about their squad.

Episcopal High's Varsity Assistant Coach Mike Kuhn informed he was rolling in with only seven players, four had a little something called "the prom" that were attending so the team had their backs against the wall off the top. No problem because one of the the things I admire in players is heart and fight, two things you really can't teach and these young ladies showed they had exactly that and it didn't hurt that they had talent to go with it

Coach Kuhn has coached several outstanding players over the years, in fact you might remember reading about Mary Melissa Hoover, a young lady I saw three years ago at the Ganon Baker Camp in College Station that actually launched Girlz Prep Report, Hoover btw will be picking up where she left off at Episcopal High for Appalachian State

Here are the Super Seven that made the trip, one also made the "Tip Sheet" that's coming, along with a little bit more on the Ladies

Melissa Crowe    2014              5’8          F                              Bowling Green Aca.           
Played on MPSAA state champs

Ariane Addison    2014             6’            F/C                         Baker High                         
played for 3A state runner up

Terriel Ross          2014              5’9”          G/F                      University Lab                    
Played on 2A state runner ups

Taylin Underwood  2014         5’7          pg/sg                     Doyle High                             
Taylin has scored over 2500 points in high school career. 

Haylee Menedenall  2013      6’            F                              West Feliciana                       
4.0 gpa, 28 ACT

Adrianna Willaims   2013         5’6          pg/sg                     Woodlawn High (BR)              

Belle Rayner       2015                6’1”       C                             Doyle High