Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tompkins vs Cy Ranch @ Merrell Center 7:30 pm

The game starts at the one, always has, ALWAYS WILL however when you have a 6'3 like New Mexico signee Brittany Panetti, hey that rhymed, things can happen in huge ways. Tompkins and Cy Ranch have had their share of injuries the past two seasons and the winner of this game will be making their first R-3 semifinal game at Campbell Center, well actually let me take an assist from the Mustangs PG's dad, they actually made it year before last so this would be Tompkins first if they happen to pull it off

Tomkins has the Goss twins, loved them immediately in middle school because #sizedontmatter when you're smart, skilled and can score. The athleticism from Kendall Rollins will make her hard to defend as she knows how to score plus Hannah Hudson continues to fill in many of the blanks however Panetti will have a lot to do with the outcome, btw, what genius called them a sleeper, yep

On the flip side, I said Cy Ranch and North Shore were the most likely to represent the region and although many judge things by wins and losses, I judge things differently and with D'Asia Collins back at the one, she's one of the top "18s at her position, things will go smoothly. Rachel Tapps (UTEP) is one of the most gifted athletes that can play ball, Deauzya Richards was called a Top 100 lock when she was in the 7th grade wearing those orange shoes I love and Arianna Whitfield has become a big time scorer

All four have been hurt at one time or another, many times more than one but there here and ready. Who will win it, I stand by my preseason prediction on who it comes down to but guess what, I ain't playing and I don't really care, I just want to see all of the teams play the best they can and whoever represents the region, take care of business in San Antonio because the heat gets hotter around the AlamoDOME