Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Harris on fire again as Bobcat Fight Never Dies

Over the years, I get wind of things parents say about things I don't say and it's all good because I'm going to say what I see and that's just me, no agendas whatsoever, I'm just going to always keep it real. If I had to pick an Elite 8 MVP based on the four games I've watched the last two sessions, it would be Angela Harris hands down. Last week, I said she played the best half I've ever seen her play and last night she put her team on her back down the stretch for the win against Seven Lakes

Leslie Lockridge helped get them going early scoring 6 and handing out a few assists wile Kyler Wyatt was creating havoc on defense and even though Seven Lakes was coming up with numerous offensive boards, the shots just wouldn't fall. The Spartans did make a late run, Annie Bowman came off the bench to ignite them with a 3, Cydney Varner consistently got to her spot for the midrange and Michelle Fokam, what can I say other that she's a BEAST

Harris showed she was a beast as well, scoring at will off the dribble while knocking down the long ball just for fun but what I'm even more impressed with about her over the past two games is her ability to see the floor and with Olivia Noah running wit her, Harris connected numerous times. They have Clear Springs next who won easily against Hightower, both teams have been to state so that game should be interesting as well