Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Future is NOW for North Shore and Chasity Patterson

I'll never forget the night, it was cold and rainy and I was upset about the traffic as I drove to North Shore so I'm already irritated and the game was definitely heated, don't remember who their opponent was, this was December 2010 folks but from the anyway, I kept hearing YEEEEEEEEE from the top and asked someone who is making all that noise, not those exact words, and who is his daughter and when I was told abut his daughter being in the SIXTH grade, I introduced myself and told him I wanted to see her in action

After watching Chasity Patterson in her "school uniform", I was sold on her being a "can't miss" something that also has translated into game situation as that stroke has been DEADLY from every way imaginable, so over the years when I'm asked me what YEEEEEEEEEE meant, I tell em it probably means yall in trouble

STATE 6A group