Sunday, February 14, 2016

Reagan's Unsigned Jones ready for final R-4 run

So many times I catch players for the first time and I just know they are legitimate D-1 prospects and although others may not see it, I haven't been wrong yet. I hear people say this player can't do this or that and the irony is I caught a glimpse of some of the similar things said about another former high school player named Stephen Curry who is a pretty good player on the other side right? That might not be the best example, boy's basketball is totally different from girl's and if you don't realize that stop reading now but talent is talent and to be successful on the girl's side is something I definitely know what I'm talking about

San Antonio Reagan's Mailee Jones is one of those LEGITIMATE D-1 players, she's smart, she can score and contrary to rumor, she can defend as I've seen her go against some of the top guards in Texas and put the clamps on them. What truly put's Jones on another level is her competitiveness as she won't quit on her team and she lives for the pressure as I've seen her take numerous shots for the win and unlike my postal carrier she delivered on time.

Jones goes against McDonald's All American Amber Ramirez San Antonio Wagner's team in the opening round in what should be one of the best opening games in the state. In the above video, watch her score on a variety of ways and below is a link to her YouTube videos which includes full games