Saturday, February 6, 2016

Starks 31 helps A&M Consolidated pull into district tie

Last season's 5A regional final game between district rivals A&M Consolidated and Rudder was one of the best games I saw all season and although Rudder won, several messages were sent including a special to me. When I first saw Aerial Starks, I knew she had the tools to be more than just a D1 lock but my biggest concern was if she believed she was that type of player, well 27 points later, I was assured knowing that she knew and more importantly I was RIGHT yet again

Fast forward to now, after losing to Rudder by 3 in the first round of district play, A&M Consolidated picked up a huge win last night with Starks dropping 31 from a variety of angles and distance, this includes 12-14 from the line, and my biggest question to myself is will these two talented teams make it back to Campbell Center, who knows, but it is about ti become super interesting