Wednesday, February 3, 2016

SCHENCK super in so many ways #SpaceCityJam

I've written about tons of players over the years, some not so bright remarks have come my way about "my favorite player this or that" and I have to reassure people that I only have one favorite player and that's the one in the picture with the president.

Madison Schenck definitely has a special place in my heart and it's not just because she's a talented basketball player that has expanded her game from the first time I saw her in the 8th grade where she was primarily a post player but simply because she's a good person that actually cares about others

Her recent signing with St Edwards wasn't a spur of the moment deal, she was toying with idea of playing D1 ball but after weighing all of her options, size of the campus, ability to go in and play immediately, the warmth she felt on her visit all played a part however she's also looking long term and ranking of the school academically definitely played a huge part as well

She closed out her final Space City Jam with a bang, 30 points and 28 rebounds and her points came from long and midrange, put backs or simply taking players off the dribble was no surprise to me and after watching her work on her weaknesses all of these years, I assured her no if ands or butts, she definitely has D1 talent and she will excel at the next level