Sunday, December 8, 2013

Si Si will be back for La Porte Bulldogs

I had to take about 100 pictures of Sierra Wooley before she decided on which one I needed to keep and normally I just throw random photos up but I've been knowing Si Si forever. Wooley is battling back through her second ACL tear  but she's itching to play and her addition to a very impressive La Porte team would create some problems. The team has talent, I can't say enough about Elise Rodriguez, well I will on Tuesday, and this is a young lady that knows a little about injuries herself

Jesslee Lozano and freshman Jordan Ochoa are two of the top long ball threats in the area, Brittany Bradshaw, Vanessa Stelly, you know what, just chill, I'm doing something on the Bulldogs when district comes around because I'm thinking something is going to happen huge.........