Monday, December 9, 2013

Manvel continues to show it's the the team to beat in R3

Manvel has won one major, the Peggy Whitley Classic, and placed second in another, the Texas Invitational, and will be tested in a third later this month, the Sandra Meadows Classic. The Mavericks lone loss has been to Duncanville, arguably the top team in the country and although they flirted around with a loss earlier this season against Pflugerville, they've handled everyone else with virtual ease, especially in R3

Peggy Whitley Classic MVP Brianna Turner has taken her game to another level as she is the foundation on this talented squad. Rangie Bessard has done the same as she's putting together several amazing feats including becoming one the areas top three point shooters. The third player from their BCS front-court, Jordan Hosey, is simply doing things you may not notice in the box score as the multi talented wing has been everything from a defensive stopper on up to an offensive machine. Those three were key figures in their runs and success last season but here are the X factors for when it counts the most, now

No matter what you think you know or even believe, there hasn't been a team that I can remember ever getting out of here without solid guard play. As great as Nneka and Chiney Ogwumike were, as great as Brittney Griner was, they all had serviceable guards because the game starts where, at the one. At times Turner has shown she could play the one effectively however three things have given the Mavs a boost and that's a healthy Jonee Jones and Keyerra Fisher, along with a much improved Arianna Sanders. Jones and Fisher dealt with injuries throughout last season, well so did Mikhaela Tolds however their healthy and are adding not only ball-handling and defense but also showing they can score

Tolds came off the bench and hit some crucial shots during the PWC and you can always count on Sanders to create some havoc when she's on the floor. Her energy level is high and it stays the same throughout the game which trickles down to her teammates. The bottom line in all of this is that it's Manvel and everyone else in R3 however the gap is closing and I'll tell you why after these messages