Saturday, December 7, 2013

Manvel wins as North Shore closes gap

That BCS front-line is going to be hard to crack but North Shore showed they are still in the hunt. The Mustangs lost 60-44 so before you start scratching your head, keep scratching  because I was there. After losing by 38 points to this same Manvel team, lot's of good teams have fallen apart however the game after that, they almost upset Dincanville, the best team in the country, well that I've seen and with an array of individuals hitting huge buckets other than Chasity Patterson and Adriiana Jackson, like Jaylan Robinson and Kayla "Who's The" Mack, this was only a three point game late in the third

Brianna Turner was simply the glue for Manvel throughout the game and after Rangie Bessard continued her three point exhibition from earlier in the first half, I was ready to blow as I thought this one was over. I have to give N Shore credit for not only coming back after being defeated at home by tat wide margin but the fight they showed tell me the playoffs are going to be interesting

Jordan Hosey did her damage on defense while Jonah Johnson and Keyerra Fisher hit some big shots to help thwart runs. No individual scores in the paper, sorry