Saturday, December 7, 2013

Semi's at Peggy Whitley Classic adds suspense as Cy Woods defeats Clear Springs 67-64

Cy Woods Erica Ogwumike has taken her game to yet another level this season and is showing the ability to takes games over after her 28 point performance. Her shootout with Clear Springs Brooke McCarty goes down as yet another performance in which the stars on their respective teams places their teams on their backs, well sort of as both teams had players that simply stepped up so let's chalk this up as an epic battle from both squads

While Erica was hitting and array of shots from everywhere, her sister Olivia was cleaning up the boards and Tatyana Perez, the move-in point guard, simply gives this team a dimension they didn't have last season. Why do I call Tyler Davis "Miss Excitement". well because to be honest, I'm drained after these 12 hour days and I need a pick me up and the best way is to do something spectacular and Davis did just that throughout last season. She also was rare form last nigh and a couple off balance threes and a long one just when Woods needed them seemed to be what the doctor ordered

The Chosen One scored 25 and the fight Clear Springs showed probably had something to do with their 71-50 loss in the TI. Y'all already know what I think about Brooke, if you don't you're not reading or not comprehending, just keeping it real. Her supporting cast stepped up and Paige Tippett came up huge, not to mention the freshman Tasharian Robinson and Sierra Cheatham. Robinson is known from bringing heat on D and I've been talking about this young lady for quite some time because I knew the offense would be coming around and it has. Cheatham hit some buckets down the stretch and who knows what would have happened if some questionable calls hadn't fouled Robinson out, hey I missed Scandal so I needed some drama