Thursday, December 5, 2013

Leonard hoping Southlake Carroll has same results at Peggy Whitley

I take a lot of pictures because I know one day,I'll interject them @dfwelite once said, I'm sort of like Tupac cause the archives I have will be rolling around 10 years after I'm gone. Kennedy Leonard recently, committed to Colorado, and her Southlake Carroll teammates are on a collision course to play Manvel tomorrow night, I'm sure North Shore will have some input before that happens

Last week, the dynamic duo of Tasia Foman and Ariel Atkins helped lead Duncanville to the Texas Invitational final, so.......

I haven't seen Leonard's team however Manvel is clicking and even though they lost to Duncanville, I'm sure they know they are capable of beating one of if not the best team in the country

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