Thursday, December 5, 2013

'18 Paris Netherley confirmed for #HoopAHolics Camp December 15 in Duncanville

Paris Nethereley might not be a household name and if you haven't heard of her, trust me you will. Let me put this way as far as how good I think she is, "there isn't a high school team in the area she couldn't make" "and would be starting on most"

The gifted player with tremendous upside caught my eye a couple of years ago and over this past club season had both eyes wide open, hey I got a million of lines throw at you but check this one as I close. Her mom thanked me for all that I did and my response was" I need to thank you for letting me see Paris without going to France"

Action and an abundance of talent on hand next Sunday, December 15th, at the Duncanville Fieldhouse

Remember early bird discounts end tomorrow night and I know the temp is dropping so don't be left out in the cold