Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 26 & 28, ALL DAY @ DUNCANVILLE

Natalie Chou (Plano West) is almost six feet and she handles the ball like a yo-yo while Lauren Cox (Flower Mound) is, let's call her 6'4 today, guards like, well a guard on the perimeter. NC, hey I like that, and Miss Triple Double will be on hand at the Sandra Meadows Tournament. They are both two of the the top sophs in the country, Cox is ranked #1 and yes, I actually see these in middle school and of course, I called it

They are only two of the goo gobs of talent I'll see on TRIFECTA WEEKEND, the after Christmas edition which has me sandwiching Mansfield Spring Creek Barbecue in between the 26th and 28th I'll be spend in Duncanville.

Check out where I'll be under, one more time