Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cy Ranch defeats Klein Forest to win Katy Nike Classic

Birthday girl Sidney Coleman put on an offensive show today as she helped lead her Cy Ranch Mustangs to a 50-43 win over Klein Forest. Highlight of their semifinal was Cienna Rivera nailing one from half-court, low point, well for me, was seeing Rachel Tapps and Di Di Richards sitting on the bench along with Kara Cezar as they were all out with injuries

No team has suffered as much as Ranch due to injuries over the past two seasons however when it happens, it gives others opportunities and Arianna Whitfield certainly seized hers as she dropped 20 in the championship game

Ekiyah Gray and Jalea Preston carried the offensive load early today as they defeated Colleyville Heritage without two starters however tonight just wasn't their night as they came up short. I'm sure this will be a birthday Coleman won't forget