Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A healthy Elise Rodriguez makes La Porte a threat

Maybe I should have called this battle back against adversity day and if any player has had to do that continuously it would be 2014 GPR Under The Radar Elise Rodriguez. Not only is she one of the top points in the city, she can get her point off many ways as her basketball IQ is through the roof. Watching her drop floaters all over the place during the Peggy Whitley Classic brought back memories of watching her in middle school

When the defense gave her some air, she was nailing it from everywhere and although she can just about score at will, her primary purpose is to keep her teammates involved. She had several solid games in the PWC including a double double of 12 pts and 10 ast and another in which she scored 21. That followed a 27 point burst prior to the tournament shows the unsigned senior is clicking and the team will be surprising as long as she's healthy