Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wolves Attack Comes Up Short


One thing I like when I attend a sporting event is to be entertained, either by exciting players, well sometimes fans will work for me also, or teams playing their hearts out from start to finish. It makes little sense for me to waste a couple of hours watching a 50 point blowout, my time is more valuable so over the past 10 seasons, the Westside vs Bellaire games have had both and have given me many memories, both good and bad, that will be forever embedded in my mind. Westside jumped out to an early lead before Raven Burns nailed a three to put the Cardinals on top 7-6 however the Wolves pressure got to Bellaire early and they led 14-9 after one. Westside was even in the bonus the first few seconds of the second quarter but their problem was they had as many turnovers as Bellaire had fouls and the offensive punch of Cardinal players Burns and AJ Alix offset the firepower provided by the Wolves Alexis Hill and Jamiyla Deboise's and Bellaire led 31-24 at the half. Alix was in a zone on both ends all game, finishing with a triple double, story is on GPR

Jasmine King has been a warrior during her three years at Westside battling injury after injury and she made some big plays which complemented other big plays from fellow junior Brianna Luton and freshman Maddisen Turner, two big "and ones", which saw the Wolves close the gap to 47-44 late in the third. Here was another problem, every time Westside cut into the lead, someone stepped up for Bellaire other than Alix. Regina Harris hit a couple of threes to thwart one run while sophomore Angel Williams did the same to stop another and as Bellaire closed the quarter up by 10, they opened the final period on a tear and appeared to be ready to blow this game wide open. No one seemed to let the Wolves know as Hill, Luton and King put together some big buckets to close the gap but the young ladies ran out of gas and time as they lost 68-59


This game was good for a couple of reasons, first it's a great tune up for their Monday night match-ups at Coleman Coliseum , Westside vs Katy Taylor at  5:30 pm and Memorial against Bellaire right after and second, I'll be there and once again, I want to be entertained, if I want to see a blowout I can ride around 610. This is the swan song for Hill and Deboise, both have always given their all and will fight until the absolute end. They are also both unsigned and can play at the next level and their void will leave a huge hole for Westside to fill next season. On a brighter note, Turner might just be able to help fill that void as the improvement she has shown from this past summer, to early in the season until now, and once again "it ain't what you do, it's who you do it against" says this 6'0 will continue to grow, on and off the court. She also has a special place in my heart because she was only 6 or 7 when her mother was coaching my baby at Westside, mom was also a star at Montana and she's 6'4.

How about this kid? The story on the young lady known as AJ can be read by clicking THE REAL DEAL