Monday, February 20, 2012

One Journey Will End As Another Begins

Aaliyah Brown has some unfinished business as she joins several 2012 players who have a shot at going to state during their high school career. The title above is really about players from the best class as a whole since 2005 moving on after this is over and this Final 4 should wind up being something special once it's all said and done. I've already concluded that Clear Springs, Dekaney and Cy Falls will advance and if Pflugerville's Itiana Taylor is not close to being healthy and can go most of the game, throw The Woodlands in there as well. The Bellaire vs Elsik and Hightower vs North Shore games are too close to call but when you look at it, out of those schools remaining with 2012 players remaining, only Hightower and Elsik have had a taste of Austin' Final 4 from the area. Many of these players will do big things at the next level however as I have always tried to instill in parents minds, just by making it to the next level you have won