Tuesday, December 8, 2015


After being named All Tournament at the Jack Frost Classic ,Alexia Torres continues to do some spectacular things including a couple of 25 point scoring games in that very tournament. Torres has been solid ever since I started watching her play three years and one of the players that has left me many exciting memories including several buzzer beaters. This got me thinking about just how many times this young lady has done just that and I truly don’t know however on top of everything I’ve said about this talented unsigned guard, not only does she want the ball in the clutch, she also delivers and with her range, knowledge of the game and skill set, I'm certain of what she'll be able to do at the next level

In her freshman season as starting Varsity Point Guard for Marshall HS, she had a number of them. The video shows 3 buzzer beaters in the same game. As a sophomore against crosstown right Rival Antonian HS, she had a number of deep 3's in the 3rd quarter capped by a buzzer beater. As a junior, she had 3  memorable ones, 1st from half court, 2nd to win the game against a state ranked SA Cole, 2rd came in her final game of the playoffs. As a senior, she hits a buzzer beater at the Jack Frost Tournament. Maybe her last, maybe she still has a few more up her sleeve and I’m banking on the latter. Look this young lady has unbelievable range, I'm serious LOOK AT THE VIDEO