Friday, December 4, 2015

ANNALISE helps show winter finale hasn't come #PeggyWhitleyClassic

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook and my now UNHACKED Instagram, you may have seen the numerous posts about Clear Falls Annalise Brisco and "the spin" which when done traffic and completed is one my favorite moves to see. I used to be a How To Get Away With Murder fan however like Lost and Fringe and the many other shows that lost my interest, the name Annalise just got me going again since the show is on hiatus, okay I still watch it sometimes

Clear Falls definitely impressed with their win over Hightower and even though the Hurricanes weren't at full strength, the Knights armor might be shining down the stretch with the talented from various positions including athletic nightmare Ashlyn Dunbar. I mean Taylor Allen and Kaitlyn Strassner can open things up from outside as well as Destiny Navarro from waaaaaay outside, loved the athleticism from Corthisa Ellis not to mention what Madison Nicholas and Sydney Cole bring in when they're on the floor

Clear Falls vs Cy Woods at 1:30 winner will move to the finals tomorrow
On the other side Clear Springs tangles Cy Fair at 10:30, the winner faces North Shore tonight at 6:30 and that winner moves to the finals

I'll give you a little more later but remember if I have a bracket, you can find it