Thursday, December 17, 2015

District 17 showdowns highlights tomorrow's action

Cy Ranch is one of the teams I picked to have a legitimate shot at representing R3 however keep in mind my predictions are based on teams being what, 100% and they definitely have not in fact the injury bug has plagued the Mustangs three years in a row. They'll be at full strength when it counts and that's for the run however Cy Ranch and Cy Woods definitely have a chance to make it to the Campbell Center in February but their game tomorrow is one I'll pass on until everyone is on the floor

Cy Fair goes against a much improved  Jersey Village, much of that starts at the top and the fantastic freshman Truong Twins while Under The Radar sophomore Tia Tolbert and her Cy Springs squad travels to another team plagued by injuries Cy Falls, keep in mind these games are for playoff spots since I'm going to INK in Ranch and Woods as the top two but who knows, Langham Creek has shown they could sneak up on some folks as well

Here's the schedule, I truly hate the box scores with the individual stats have gone away


Dallas is getting a WNBA team, probably because the game is taken a little more seriously