Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Former Under The Radar stars prove me right, AGAIN

Exciting night at Tudor is the best way to put it as TSU edged Rice 69-66 in OT, The Owls continue to show me that they have some weapons and as conference play is around the corner, several players have shown they can step up read more

A couple of former GPR Under The Radar freshmen were on hand and the excitement both of them brought truly gave me a dose of what to expect, even though I already knew, over the next four seasons. Joyce Kennerson was a triple double waiting to happen for PA Memorial, many shunned on her because of her size or body frame and I offered rebuttal's on why this young lady would definitely be a difference maker and she's showing just that for that Tigers

Gabrielle Stanton helped make Kingwood a threat and if that didn't sell you, were club ball exploits certainly would as she initially committed to Arkansas however reconsidered after a coaching change. What I really am impressed with is her ability to come back after a knee injury which had her miss her senior season for the most part and her clutch three is why I put OT in the first sentence


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