Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Panthers come up short against Wildcats

I was speaking to someone about how everything continues to change and I also made mention that just because a score is close doesn't mean it was a good game, some get it, some don't but the bottom line is either you know or you don't. Klein Oaks traveled to Dekaney to show that they are definitely better than last season, well the last two because the past three games they've lost to the Wildcats by over 50 so losing 69-58 is a moral victory to say the least

Much of the turnaround has to do with freshman Elizabeth Scott, a young lady I tagged "Great Scott" in the 6th grade and her ability to play multiple positions at 6'0 including some "one" last night has a lot of someone's noticing all over the country however another freshman, Brooke Cephus, came off the bench to drop back to back threes late in the first quarter to give them a 15-10 lead after one. Randi Blackburn also knocking down the long ball, she added three in the first half however Dekaney turned things around and lead 29-27

Dekaney has multiple weapons, game starts at the one and #sizedontmatter Jaelyn Richard-Harris simply sees the floor so well that she sets up her teammates for baskets over and over and the electrifying Jasmine Smith has range that radar has problems keeping up with but Kene Hamilton knows how to start things off and she was definitely making things happen early. This was also one of the best games I've seen Makeedah Collins play, I'm talking all around while Keyshawna Scott at 5'7 plays as if she's 6'0 and if she didn't have another double-double I'd be surprised

Dekaney got going in the third quarter and opened things up outscoring Klein Oak 25-12 and gave them enough cushion to hold on to the victory. In the "It's All About The Girls" event I covered in October, I definitely saw improvement in Klein Oak but this game against Dekaney showed they actually have some firepower to get into the playoffs and be competitive