Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 #HoopAHolics recaps

Aaliyah McDonald

Sometimes when I miss a show on TV and would rather visualize it in my head than actually spending the time watching it, I Google the show along with recap. For HoopAHolics, I'm also making it easier for you to find out what happened what was seen and trust me, it was another hit that was affordable

Aiken Semones

Here is a link to the first three and guess what " hold on wait a minute y'all thought I was finished" but more is actually coming

PassThaBall recap session 1

PassThaBall recap session 2

GirlzPrepReport Tip Sheet part one

GirlzPrepReport Tip Sheet part two 

GirlzPrepReport #SizeDontMatter Tip Sheet

GirlzPrepReport WatchList

GirlzPrepReport session 2 video Tip Sheet

GirlzPrepReport session 1 video Tip Sheet