Thursday, December 31, 2015

Texas Elite Adidas Topping stars perform well at #HoopAHolics

One thing I always look for in younger players is progression, well I look for that in older players as well but it's very important to watch the younger keep adding to their games, Half of Coach Topping's team gave me a glimpse on what I'll be looking at in the future.

Here are three of their talented 2020 players that I hadn't seen and below, their 2021 group-

Hailey Arreedondo- 5'1 guard- I guess the easiest way to start this is by saying if she had me dizzy watching her from 300 miles away I can only imagine guarding her on the court. Her ability to create, not only for herself but her teammates is very important at this stage of her career as well as her high energy level

Lanae Johnson-Kleinpeter-5'5 guard- it's always good to have players that are willing to take the "big" shot but it's even better when they can nail it. Johnson-Kleinpeter showed versatility on the offensive end and will only get better

Trinity Murphy-5'9 forward/post -right now she's doing nice things at the five position however I think the ability to face the basket and score is going to enable her to play four and who knows, maybe even a three. Her strength is definitely a plus and with her size, she has the makings of a player to be reckoned with

Mia Topping-5'3 guard- I think the first time I wrote something about her I was blown away by her basketball IQ at such a young age and I'm still sort of overwhelmed because she's now only in the 7th grade. When you know how to run a team and make plays when you're this young, things will only get better down the road. Love her defense, she reads plays before they develop and her offense is coming along nicely

Autumn Smith-5'3 guard-another player I called a very good decision maker a couple of years ago but she's one of those that can ignite her team by making big plays. In transition, all you need to do is run the floor with her and good things will happen. Showing improvement on creating in traffic for baskets

Brittney Flexer-5'4 guard- at last season's HAH her fearlessness against the older kids definitely sold me, well an that floater in traffic but she's another talented guard on this squad that can run a team and make the right decisions. On top of that, she knows how to get open and even better make the shot