Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cy Woods at Dekaney highlights tonight's action

Watching Allison Reese and Paige Gant over the weekend has me reevaluating how far I thought Cy Woods might go, after all, they lost Erica Ogwumike (Pepperdine) and Tayana Perez (Tulsa) which equates to a D1 backcourt and even though the new Big Three of sophomore sensation Cate Reese and seniors Jasmine Williams (Texas A&M) and Nancy Mulkey (Oklahoma) all are FRONTCOURT players and you still need GUARD play no matter what anyone says, thinks or feels, it's just the way it is

Huge performances by A Reese coming back from a broken finger going baseline, playing under control and scoring along with Gant giving me one of the highlights of the year, falling down on the floor while throwing a 45 foot pass on the money for an assist, well ........

Here's the schedule for tonight, always remember if you aren't sure DOUBLE CHECK