Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kingwood defeats Spring as UTR trio come up huge

Kingwood's Charlotte Hodges came up huge down the stretch in the Mustangs must win game against Spring as those two teams, along with Klein Collins, are fighting for what might be the final playoff spot

Gabby Stanton and Brooke Jolivette led the Mustangs with 16 points each however it was Hodges who came up with huge buckets down the stretch in the crucial fourth quarter which going into saw Kingwood leading by only one

Brittany Smith's 12 and Bernesha Peters 11 were the leading scorers for Spring however Hodges scored six of her 13 in the final quarter. Hodges, Stanton and Jolivette are all on my GPR 2015 Under The Radar list which is on the front page of my user friendly website

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