Monday, December 2, 2013

District 13 sending telepathic message

Reunited and they feels so good is how the Big Three from Klein Forest are probably feeling after their weekend victory over Kingwood. Keep inn mind that Dekaney has already lost to Atascocita so my saying that D-17 is the best in the area may be a little premature. Right now, advantage Simmie because Cy Woods did the unthinkable and defeated Dekaney for the FBISD championship

The four mentioned are probably in the drivers seat for a playoff spot however Klein Collins and Spring are riding shotgun, so we'll see how they plays out. KF's lone loss this season was to Cy Falls, but were going put an asterisk by that one because Regina Scott and Ebony Parker, two of their Big Three didn't play in the SBISD Tournament game, and the third, Ekiyah Gray, went out with leg cramps in the final two minutes of their 42-37 loss, it;s hard to win without Superman or key members of the Justice League, well Superwoman but you get it right

How about this one, Spring, Klein Colleins and Atascocita joing Klein Forest in the KISD Tournament, aka Katy Nike Classic , this weekend and GPR will have live coverage, well I'll be there and hopefully alive and not in spirit, all day Saturday


PS  I'll be in the zone the rest of the year for these tournaments and I'll tweet the scores if I have them, no phone service will be available on "The Now Network" so if you follow me NOW