Saturday, December 14, 2013

2016 Cox and Chou show why

 The Flower Mound at Plano West game was a bonus for me since my primary reason for coming up on a cold, wet, and icy Friday 13th was to check GPR UTR '16 Cori Schnell out in the Prestonwood Tournament and since I knew this was also the start of what's going to be an even longer Saturday and Sunday, I couldn't miss the chance to see a couple of other 2016 players I caught in middle school during Prime Time Nationals that I said were going to blow up.

Blow-up, well that was an understatement and since I saw head coaches Karen Aston (Texas) and Kim Mulkey (Baylor) , along with Georgia assistant coach Robert Mosley and Duke assistant Candice Jackson, well I would say that Lauren Cox and Natalie Chou have not only blown up, they've exploded in a huge way

Plano West won the game, I'll see both teams in the Sandra Meadows Classic at the end of the month and the main reason for me attending was to see Cox and Chou. Lauren scored 24, Natalie 23, I'll check the teams out later