Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"Who's Hot" in November from 2014

Since I'm getting edgy because I already know starting tomorrow, it's going to be hectic as two big events that I'm covering get underway as well as tomorrow nights Rice vs Texas St match-up so I'm going to speed it up and call this Freebie Friday, just cause it's blog and I'm kind of out there but your only should be"do I know what I'm talking about" and survey says...........

Who was hot in November? Some players already made Tip Sheets but these are some of the standouts from the SBISD, CISD and Lady Gander Tournaments along with my Metroplex Friday visit

Zandra Emanuel-5’11 forward-CE King HS

An athletic freak is one way to describe her. She was simply one of the stars in The Last Run, a certified event held in October. She’s relentless in the paint, goes after everything and can attack the basket from the perimeter as well as play defense out there. She’ll be a better college player, still raw offensively and a sleeper. 

Mikaehla Connor-5’9 combo-McKinney North HS

On my trip to the Metroplex this young lady was a pleasant surprise because she’s a scorer and simply knows how to put the ball in the basket. She can take defender off the dribble, step back and knock down the mid-range or hit the three. Very good body control, she’s a sleeper.