Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hicks among 100 plus at Hoop-A-Holics Camp

Payton Hicks was on hand for the PCA Lady Lions Basketball Invitational and she'll be starring on varsity soon at Prestonwood Christian Academy, well in a couple of seasons since she's only a 2019. Hicks caught my eye last season and the ironic part about it is her sister played against my daughter which tells you far I go back with the family

On tomorrow, Sunday December 15th, Hicks will be one of over 100 players on hand for the HoopAHolics Camp at the Duncanville Fieldhouse. Parents session one is CLOSED!!!!!

I've received emails and texts asking can you pay at the door and the answer is YES but only for session two which starts at 12:30.


Again I am EVALUATING the camp, this is not MY camp however this is my business. I'm a contractor and if you're willing to pay me, I'll cover yours as well, no matter when or where it is.

Scratch that, I almost slipped at Plano West on some ice last night, we'll talk

Enjoy Payton in action via MVP