Tuesday, December 10, 2013

All is well with '16 Cori Schnell

I'm looking forward to my trip up 45N this weekend simply because  of the action I'm anticiapting. On Friday, I'll catch 2016 GPR Under The Radar Cori Schnell in the Prestonwood Tournament playing with her Prince of Peace school team. Schnell blew me away at Prime Time Nationals back in July as she was putting numbers in bunches. That trend continued when I observed her a few weeks later at the Fly Swift Camp going against some of the top players in her class

Cori can flat out play, there are shooters and there are scorers and not only can this young lady shoot, she has a knack for doing one of the most important things and that's finding away to get the ball in the basket or get to the line. I'll have a Prestonwood recap when I return as I watch Cori and the nets she shall burn