Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2016 Destiny's Navarro getting use to stage as well

 The late Bum Phillips said this about Earl Campbell years ago. "Earl isn't in a class by himself, but it doesn't take long to call roll" and by that same token, in doing what I do, identifying talent early that  many can't see with the naked eye along with my own mix of humor, I too, well you get it. Beyonce' was in town last night and if you know the background you'll understand the title.

Destiny Navarro is one of the top long ball shooters in the area but the 2016 Under The Radar player from Clear Falls continues to prove she can do even more and after observing her throughout the summer and at the Peggy Whitley Classic, attacking the rim from the wing along with her defense continue to be a huge asset t her deadly quick and accurate release. Last night, the Knights star scored 16 in a loss against Peggy Whitley runner-up Cy Woods, 59-52, Woods just beat them by over 20 last week. Navarro is a player and she hasn't even reached her potential. \\

The first time I saw Navarro I mistook her for another player and a lady told me, Child that's Destiny. Okay that didn't happen but it fits.