Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Texas Dynasty 2023 has a lil something brewing #I10TuneUpShowcase

Over the past five years, theirs been a decline as far talent in the area and I get all kinds of responses however the only opinion I'm usually interested in is mine because I've been watching elite players since the turn of the century and I know, not only what I'm ;looking at but what this has become, it is what is, agree, disagree I could care less so when I see players barely in middle school ahead of the game, it's refreshing to say the least  and this Texas Dynasty group heading to the 7th grade definitely left a lasting impression

Keely Cumming just blew my mind in the FOURTH grade when I asked her if she could play before a game and she come and watch. First three plays of the game, she makes a long bucket, crosses a player for a lay-up and throws a no look for an assist and looks at me smiling, so that's what I like, show me on the floor and her wisdom continues to do just that coupled with her talent

Jacei Denley and Janae Tucker left me with some OMG moments, both are doing some things right now HS ;players on their way to the next level can't do and that goes back to the opening paragraph. Denley has unlimited range, handles the ball under pressure, sees the floor well and just makes things happen while Tucker has already mastered the floater and when you combine that with her ability to create off the dribble, take the lick and make the basket......

Aniya Thompson loves to punish and can take punishment, physical on both ends, rebounds and can finish and finish is what Olivia Shaw did on the finish of the day. She's strong and gets to the basket well but she plays within herself and gets the job done. Jalayah Ingram was also a definite bright spot, long and athletic guard that not only plays the passing lane, she defends baseline to baseline and has a good amount of upside which can be said for them all since the finished product is nowhere in sight. Okay 6'2 Riley Grays, hmmm, long athletic and going to the 7th grade, check her out later on the Tip Sheet which will be on, drum-roll please,