Thursday, June 29, 2017

Skyrise Edmond keeps climbing ladder #I10TuneUpShowcase

There is no better formula for success than hard work and comprehension and the thing that truly captures my attention is when players grasp certain things at a certain age. I can't tell you how many 10, 11 and 12 year old players that seemed destined for greatness because they were ahead of the game pan out because players caught up and past them, trust me it happens which is why to see a group of young kids, many of which I've been watching for what seems like forever continue to put in work and show their improvement on the court is definitely refreshing

The first time I saw R'Mani Taylor, true story, was at a Prime Time event and she was shooting and dribbling in street clothes and I just knew that this young lady was someone I definitely wanted to catch and after seeing her in action then finding out her class, well the rest is history, I've already said it and it will happen exactly like I predicted because once I call a young player a "can't miss" do your research and just wait. I think Ashlyn Jones upward turn happened late year before last as she continues to bring it, she is doing some damage  in dramatic fashion and is going to be making noise in HS. I truly enjoy watching this squad because not only are they talented but they don't crack, even against older players

Kajah Phillips was so impressive that I was definitely intrigued at what she did on the floor. When you talk about not backing down in the paint against bigger, stronger and older players and I mean not quit, the icing on the cake was her midrange. Aleah Franklin, oh my that floater was clicking and as she, Taylor and Kailyn Peters, who wasn't in town, are the lone 2022 players on this 2021 squad, I'm simply at a lost for words but her athleticism and heat on defense just makes things happen. Gennelle Greene was slightly injured yet it didn't stop her from putting in work, she got the rim at will and was a spark on defense

Another couple of bright spots were Malikiya Thomas and Aleyna Ozcelik. You win with good guard play because if you have no one to handle and apply pressure, well either you get it or you don't and Thomas adds to the talented guards on the squad that can do just that. She showed she could take defenders off the dribble and score with contact while Ozcelik definitely has range and that midrange is always good when you can create under pressure and knock it down. Kamari Portalis, how can I put this, put on a show good enough for a party while Tymberlin Criswell showed that party didn't stop until 8 in da, okay you get it. Portalis has simply elevated her game tremendously I mean that pull-up was impressive but playing that passing lane simply left me speechless and when I did get my voice back, Crisswell took it away again as her "clutch" performances will have her on the Tip Sheet later so stay tuned